【SOM団×GOD団】 - Touhou - Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai Festival

【SOM団×GOD団】 - Touhou - Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai Festival
【公開日時: 2009/08/05 18:18:22|時間: 5:36| 評価:5.0 | ビュー:8452】
夏だ~!祭りだ~!みんな踊ろうぜ!! ということでSOM団とGOD団のコラボ企画第2弾は、博麗神社町内会音頭(sm7259020、振付:SOM団)です。 総勢13人がそれぞれ東方キャラに扮し、神社を舞台にPV風のリメイクをしてみました。 ※撮影は神社から許可をいただき、神主様立ち会いの下で行いました。無理なお願いにもかかわらず快諾頂きましたこと、心から感謝致します。 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7765718

  1. Tall Suika for the win!
  2. you're going to call me a perv for this, but look at aya's skirt at 1:30 :3
  3. This is win!
  4. Deserves the 0 dislikes! <3 I love this!!!
  5. wonderful!
  6. wow, touhou characters dancing together! thanks for the upload!
  7. Love this! I want a cosplay group like this ç_ç Now we are only three! ç3ç
  8. @ZiozoneEmperor what if thats a guy cosplaying? PWNED
  9. @Iemanonymous1 spell card used
  10. very good n_n thanks for share
  11. @DancingDruidStudio FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- i require proof of that person's gender
  12. Love it 5/5
  13. Forgive me if I mistake anyone. Left to Right: Back: Flandre, Sakuya, Remiria, Rinnosuke?, Hieda no Akyu, Keine. Front: Momiji, Aya, Suika, Reimu, Marisa, Arisu, Youmu Those are good cosplays!~♥
  15. Good cosplays :P
  16. Wow that's great ^^
  17. ONLY IN JAPAN (Which just makes it even more awesome)
  18. @Shmarah43 i think it was yuyuko, not rinnosuke LOL. VIDEO IS SO BLURRY AND PIXELATED. Yuyuko's skirt is shorter than what it supposed to be o_o
  19. I listened to "I Eat Cannibals" while I watched this. It's fitting. xD
  20. Thank for the Shinto priest to give them a permission to dance in the shrine.
  21. good cosplays but .... where are Flandre's wings ? T.T
  22. Suika is a little tall.
  23. Woah O_o
  24. I like how Suika is the tallest person there :)

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Download the run - http://speeddemosarchive.com/demo.pl?Morrowind_SS_419 Commentary - http://speeddemosarchive.com/Morrowind.html ---------------------------------------------- Runner - Pendrokar Speed Run time - 4:19 Date completed - February 2010 Single-segment (no saves) Check out Pendrokar's channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/Pendrokar Yes, you read that right. He completes the damn game in just over 4 minutes lol.
[Touhou 3D] Reimu vs Yuyuko
公開日時:2014/01/18 04:57:46|時間:14:7 | 評価:4.974321 | ビュー:513383
Reimu vs Yuyuko (and Youmu) from 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom. I made this video using blender 2.6 (This is a fan-made animation of Touhou project.) list of BGM used : 1. 究極の真実 ~ the Ultimate Truth (dBu music) 2. 西行妖の春 (Dust_Box_49) 3. Ayakashi set 12 Another ~ ボーダーオブライフ (Rin(ぎん)) 4. Ayakashi set 16 ~ さくらさくら (Rin(ぎん)) niconico : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22692667 (霊夢と幽々子の弾幕ごっこ)
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Well my cousin wanted to cosplay as Aya Shameimaru from Touhou Project. When we got to Fanime we waited around until 2:30 for the gathring to start. All of the pictures were taken on day 2, half by me and the rest by Iori E on Cosplay.com. The name of the song is in the credits, just so you know. This video was made by me for my cousin, because Touhou needs more love!
IOSYS: Hakurei Shrine Neighborhood Association Marching Song
公開日時:2008/05/25 14:55:11|時間:1:53 | 評価:4.942611 | ビュー:257164
From IOSYS's album released at Reitaisai 5 (Toho Makashinasai), this song's name is "博麗神社町内会音頭". Check out the new album's website at: http://www.makashinsai.com/ Direct link to the original flash: http://iosys.cc/mp3/IOSYS_toho7_HakureiJinja.swf
V.A.S.T 第二回立川OFF PV
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Dubbed by Aizawa Pika aka Pi. English Subtitles & Subtitle Script File by: lykan0921 Font & Grammar checked: zomzaark151 & KyoshuLegend36 Double Checked by: reddevils500 (me) Source: http://manpukujinja.blog135.fc2.com/ http://www.yuuhei-satellite.jp/ NND: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22977693 Alt tags: 幻想万華鏡 Memories of Phantasm Touhou Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
Kero Destiny Dance Mirrored
公開日時:2009/11/19 09:54:11|時間:3:37 | 評価:4.878788 | ビュー:24033
Uploaded for personal reasons (MAIH GOD ELERIE PLEASE DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE DANCING DDD8!) I don't own the song, dance, or xxayu3 and her friend
Touhou Walfas Project - Episode 1 - Hakurei Science Lab
公開日時:2009/08/05 12:25:21|時間:9:7 | 評価:4.8376966 | ビュー:23222
EDIT// Oh my! 1,000 views already? Thank you so much! This is it! The movie you've all been waiting for! Well, probably not. Nitori takes her experiments a bit too far. What will happen next? Note this is pretty much the first time I'm doing something this elaborate for YouTube, especially since this a "Walfas" video and stuff (second if you count my previous "You are an Idiot" one). Created using "create.swf". (c) Walfas. http://www.walfas.org/
寒想桜 Border of Life ~ Touhou Vocal 45
公開日時:2010/04/11 02:34:45|時間:4:29 | 評価:4.894737 | ビュー:12329
Circle: Yellow Zebra Album: Toho Splash! / 東方スプラッシュ! Arranged by: Ranty/Yoshiha Vocals: ucchi http://yellow-zebra.com/cd/yzcd0004.php Border of Life arrange requested by Animefanned~ Yeah I take requests too, IDK why really...it's not like everyone and their grandma find this channel... I think it's fun, because sometimes I don't know what to upload or when and then if I see that someone asks for something it gives me something to do and look through my collection... But just so you know I do reply if people want something to be upped and I do like Border of Life, a lot even, and the only reason why I've just upped one arrange so far...well there's no reason, I just found something else that came before everytime. But now enough of this, or I don't get around to praising a really awesome Touhou singer with a really awesome Border of Life. In fact there's nothing really spectacular about this arrange, actually most of the Yellow Zebra works are doubtfully similar. It's one of these circles like Seventh-Heaven Maxion, SOMETIMES there's some really good stuff sneaked inbetween but you need to look and dig for it... And sometimes, you know, most of us don't feel like digging through endless similar stuff so a circle is quickly labeled as useless. In fact this song should be crazy damn popular but it's just not. And I don't know why, it was one of the first Border of Life vocals and still one of the best if you ask me... For me it's the best Border of Life vocal to represent Yuyuko and not even ENS can get past that. Well the arranging of ENS' Border of Life is a totally different level of course and I love both versions, but if you ask me which version represents Yuyuko better I'd say this one. Even though ENS is a tragic yet Techno version but what Yellow Zebra did here...it just carries a better mood for Yuyuko and PCB in general.~ But really, if you're looking for something outstandingly spectacular in the arranging here you won't find much. It's a Light Pop track BUT the jumping point here is that it's a PERFECTLY MADE Pop arrange! And that's what makes it so outstanding to me, it doesn't have any big rollercoaster mixing through the garden; it stays with its genre but carries it through in a way that just feels great. In fact everything about this song if perfect, the melody, soft beat, slight guitar inserts and of course ucchi's so-much-potential voice! Problem is that ucchi is stuck in a circle that only makes a good arrange from time to time, which is good of course since she heightens the level, but I think she should be hired in other circles too... Like C-CLAYS, how about a Mai/ucchi collab anyone? Seriously I have dreams about the 2 singing together.ó.ò Oh well you don't know what'll happen, doujin vocalists tend to wander between circles. But I hope you're going to give this arrange a chance and maybe realize that ucchi has so much potential and Yellow Zebra can bring out some awesome stuff from time to time. Thanks for watching~
Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai Festival Lyrics
公開日時:2009/07/12 06:03:07|時間:5:5 | 評価:4.8333335 | ビュー:2901
This sounds very... uh... hyperactive... ^-^' **ENGLISH LYRICS** (Ladies and gentlemen... Boys and Girls Welcome to "Hakurei Reitai" Festival) People who enjoy it will win Because it's Hakurei Shrine's Festival Same as usual We don't need rigid manners Imitate the miko and just dance Give thanks to the ancestors CHOITONA Pray for a good harvest YATTONA Ghosts too YOSSASA To the festival music HOISASA (OK! C'mon Let's Dance!!) EYASSA Dance freely to your heart's content EYASSA Dance until the sparkling sweat flies EYASSA Forget sleep, let's party EYASSA Let's have a blast, today's informal! Hakurei Shrine Neighborhood Association Marching Song Neighbors come together Things like race don't matter, there's no problem Give thanks to god CHOITONA Pray for health YATTONA Demons too YOSSASA To the festival music HOISASA (OK! C'mon Let's Dance!!) EYASSA Dance honestly until you can't dance anymore EYASSA Dance to the rhythm of passion EYASSA Forget everything, let's party EYASSA Let's have a blast, today's informal! Hakurei Shrine's Neighborhood Association Marching Song Let's send our spirits out to the end of the world Bathe in the light of the full moon in this summer night SORE SORE AMEN Lead the festival! In the shrine's watchtower, change into your yukata The orchestra resounds...let's start the festival EYASSA Dance freely to your heart's content EYASSA Dance until the sparkling sweat flies EYASSA Forget sleep, let's party EYASSA Let's have a blast, because today, no one's going to get angry EYASSA Dance honestly until you can't dance anymore EYASSA Dance to the rhythm of passion EYASSA Forget everything, let's party EYASSA Let's have a blast, today's informal Hakurei Shrine's Neighborhood Association Marching song! I'll send you the song if you ask. Nicely ^-^
【Touhou Anime】Hifuu Club Activity Record ~ The Sealed Esoteric History OP【東方】
公開日時:2014/11/25 20:39:12|時間:1:50 | 評価:4.9784713 | ビュー:42977
An Opening of Hifuu Club Activity Record~The Sealed Esoteric History Fanmade Dojin Anime which was released in Comic Party 15 (Shanghai) & Aki-Reitaisai (Japan). Original: Innocent Treasures Lyrics: 蒼羅杏 Vocal: 瑶山百霊 Composer & Arrangement: LEMiao Circle: Yonder Voice A dedicated Chinese fans make a group named Kyoto Fantasy Troupe decided to make a new fanmade Touhou Animation. "Hifuu Club Activity Record ~ The Sealed Esoteric History. is a Touhou fan project by our circle, Kyoto Fantasy Troupe. It is a large project centered around animation, supplemented by comics, written fiction, illustrations and other paraphernalia. The production of the project will be a long and involved process, and we will do our best to bring you the story we want to tell. (Of course, this has to be done in several steps.) The story begun when the two members of Sealing Club obtained an artifact originating from Gensokyo. They realized there is a hidden history behind this artifact, and started their research into those secrets. What will they encounter? What will they discover? Their investigations will bring them near the forgotten history of the Touhou universe, to stories of the past hidden beneath today’s peaceful Gensokyo. A complete view of the world of Touhou Project will be shown before our eyes. This is our goal, and what we have been striving for – to turn the Gensokyo we love into pictures, and to share it with other people who have felt the same love. We are now nearing the completion of “Prologue”. Without any unexpected incidents, it will become available at Chinese conventions this November. It is only a short piece, but we have put in all our efforts in the past few months. People might ask, why are we making this prologue first rather than a full episode. To tell the truth, we would also love to dive directly into making a full episode! But creating an animated show is an extremely costly endeavor in every sense of the word. As Touhou fans, we have done our best in our spare time. We have adopted a professional production process, and invited many pros to provide us with guidance and help. In the end, we have survived the pressure, and delivered “Prologue” using only a few months. We consider “Prologue” to be a complete work, which will also be used as the opening for full episodes in the future. The final production steps are now underway. If everything goes well, we will be selling it at conventions and by mail order by mid-November. We will try to prepare a Japanese version as soon as possible." Source: http://kyotofantasytroupe.net/
Touhou - Legend of the Red Castle Magic Scarlet Symphony
公開日時:2009/08/07 10:13:35|時間:8:57 | 評価:4.7058825 | ビュー:3932
Me playing the demo of 紅魔城伝説 スカーレット・シンフォニー (Legend of the Red Castle Magic Scarlet Symphony) by Frontier Aja. Half-way through my recorder like crap out on me and the sync between the video and the sound is mess up. Basically it Touhou meets Castlevania.